What’s NEW…

12 Mar 2023…Added a link (in the Documents and References menu item) to a late 1990’s Briefing Note about the Vital Points Program.

03 Mar 2023… Minor updates and corrections throughout the site. Deleted a couple of obvious duplications. Added a drop down under the INTRODUCTION page providing a consolidated list of content headings and subheadings to make finding specific items of interest easier to locate.

29 Jan 2023… Continue to add to Cold War Personalities section and to add to my story of personal peacekeeping experiences with the UN in India/Pakistan in 1973. Making minor error corrections and clarification throughout the website. Adding more images and highlighting colour.

11 Nov 2022… Combined Images & Videos and Links & Books drop-down menus into one Images, Videos, Links, Music and Books menu giving me space to create a new (UNDER CONSTRUCTION) Peacekeeping menu highlighting about my personal experiences as a Canadian Officer on a year long United Nations Peacekeeping mission, UNMOGIP (UN Military Observer Group in India and Pakistan) in 1973.

22 Oct 2022…Added the Radiation Defence Officer Course Manual (Jan 1974) used at the Canadian Civil Defence College at Arnprior, Ont.

17 Oct 2022…Added a piece by Bill Manning about Canada’s Other “Hidden” Bunkers to the Emergency Government HQs drop down. Also added a link to Col Churchill’s Biography in the CEGHQ (Diefenbunker) drop down menu. Generally tidying up the site and repairing broken links.

16 Oct 2022… In view of the increasingly tense situation in eastern Europe I’ve decided to create what I’ll call a “handy’ list of self help/self-information (about nuclear weapons and their effects and what one can do about them) to this site….. ‘Just in Case’.

13 Oct 202…This piece is a fairly comprehensive treatment about the Replication of the FWC – the Federal Warning Centre (including its Plotting and Signals Room components) in the Diefenbunker Cold War Museum.

27 Sept 2022… Added some interesting Continuity of (Constitution) Government discussion documents (recently found on-line) to the bottom of the Continuity of Government page. Some are pertinent to the current world threat with regard to the use of nuclear weapons.

23 Sept 2022… Replaced the crude notes on the history of the origins of the bunker as a museum with a much more comprehensive and complete version by Connie Higginson-Murray.

22 Sept 2022… Added some other Canadian Cold War Museum’s web locations and a old photo of a briefing in the EmGovSitCen to the Introduction section.

27 July 2022…Created this new main menu item What’s New (which will inform viewers of the latest changes to the website.)

26 July 2022…Added a link to the Diefenbunker Museum website (specifically because of the Virtual Tours section – so that viewers can see many of the displays and exhibits that are (for some inexplicable reason) currently closed to the public).

24 July 2022…After a hiatus of a couple of weeks (due to my accidentally messing up the website) I’ve reorganized and added to the bunker construction photos in the Images and Videos section.

05 July 2022 … Revised Nanaimo REGHQ construction photos and descriptions. Also added a series of photos taken during a Diefenbunker Museum volunteers day trip to the REGHQ Valcartier in March 2002. The Contact Dave form page has been removed due to large number of spam messages being posted. It will soon be replaced by a more secure and user friendly method of contacting me.

04 July 2022 … Added Sept 11, 1961 Toronto Telegram article ‘revealing’ the construction of the ‘Diefenbunker’ or as it was originally designated Project E.A.S.E for Experimental Army Signals Establishment (in a failed attempt to conceal its actual purpose) … Added Early Cold War Cartoon satirizing the Mutually Assured Destruction ‘doctrine’ to the Overview (below).

02-03 July 2022 … Consolidated in a separate section, a new page in the Diefenbunker, Canada’s Cold War Museum drop down menu which is devoted to the History of the Founding and Early Development of the Museum.

28 June 2022 … With his permission added RMC Professor Dr. Sean Maloney’s Website URL in the CW Threats & Responses section for its extensive Cold War and related topics coverage.

24 – 27 June 2022 … Added 1950s to 1970s photos (thanks to Doug Beaton) of Worthington Hall in its various configurations at the CD College in Arnprior, ON.(in the Civil Defence section).