Cold War Music

Cold War Foes – A Collection of Military, Nationalist and Inspiring Band Music from the Cold War.

Early on in the 2000s , while surfing the internet I came across a wonderful website with a vast collection of Soviet/Russian military and nationalist music with a capability to be downloaded. It is dramatic, exciting stuff and inspired me to search for more such music from other nations. I have assembled what I think is a representative collection of various pieces from both sides of the ‘curtain’ that I was intending be transcribed on a CD and possibly sold in the bunker’s gift shop (after sorting out copyright issues of course). It never happened. In any case I believe that the selections that follow are in the public domain, but if anyone has any problems with that let me know and I will immediately remove the piece in question.

“Preobrajensky March” from Our Response to NATO (1999) by Brass Band of the USSR Ministry of Defence, N. Nazarov, cond.. Track 3. – defiant, proud, in-your-face NATO, arrogant but very rousing! And very Russian.

United Kingdom/ British Army -“The British Grenadiers”

The “Internationale” by Billy Bragg- the marching song of the international socialist/communist movement. Listen carefully to the words…very emotional!

United States of America – “The Stars and Stripes Forever”

La France –“La Marseillaise” – Mireille Mathieu …Even not understanding all of the words this brings tears to ones eyes! I can’t resist adding this link to a French “New Version” video. But in my opinion Mireille’s is the best!

Federal Republic of Germany “Panzerlied”

UK-“Pomp and Circumstance”

Danish Royal Anthem

Cossack Patrol – “Calvary of the Steppes”

“Killaloe” A Regimental March of the British Army

“Sambre et Muese” Belgium

“O-Canada” National Anthem of Canada

“RAF/RCAF/RAAF March Past”

USA – “King Cotton”

“Aces-High” Federal republic of Germany Luftwaffe March

USSR Soviet National Anthem

La france “Les Huguenotes”

USA – “National Emblem”

UK – “Trumpet Prelude”



The Star Tools were a rock and roll band of mostly medical doctors (including one of the Bunker’s founders, Dr. Barry Bruce) who helped charitable organizations raise money for fundraising events in Ottawa and surrounding areas, including the Diefenbunker Museum. One of their projects was to produce a CD of songs from the Cold War era called Blastorama. It was recorded in the Diefenbunker’s original CBC Studio. Jim Morrison the CBC technician who originally installed the CBC studio equipment in the early 1960s (and later reinstalled it again in 1999) was the recording technician for the Star Tools CD.

Atomic Platters 5CD/1DVD-Box & 292-Page-Book

Bear Family Box
Format: 5-CD/1-DVD-Box (LP-Format) with 292 page book
Genre: Musik- & Zeitgeschichte
ArtNr: BCD 16065 FM

For the two years the staff of CONELRAD has been engaged in a top secret project, a kind of “musical Manhattan Project,” if you will. Not unlike the real Manhattan Project, our labour has resulted in a product that is extremely radioactive. Culturally radioactive, that is.

With this clandestine work finally concluded, we are extremely proud to formally announce that ATOMIC PLATTERS: COLD WAR MUSIC FROM THE GOLDEN AGE OF HOMELAND SECURITY, a five CD/1 DVD box set capturing the best in vintage atomic music and film, will be released/detonated on August 6th!

To ensure that this collection is definitive in every sense of the word, CONELRAD has worked hand-in-hard with the prestigious Bear Family Records of Germany to produce a set that should have fans of this genre salivating. Just look at what you’ll find on ATOMIC PLATTERS:

  • Over 100 Cold War tracks featuring CONELRAD favorites Slim Gaillard, Janet Greene, The Goldwaters, Bill Haley, Ann-Marget, Carl Perkins, Carl Mann and many, many more!
  • Two full-length spoken word ‘scare’ albums from 1961 re-issued for the first time: IF THE BOMB FALLS and THE COMPLACENT AMERICANS!
  • More than two dozen frighteningly naïve Public Service Announcements, many voiced by such celebrities as Groucho Marx, Pat Boone and Johnny Cash!
  • A DVD with nine short-subject civil defense and anti-Communist films!
  • A nearly 300 page hardbound book bursting with Cold War era photos and bizarre art with liner notes by CONELRAD co-founder Bill Geerhart!

Disc 1 of 6 :
1 – Intro: CONELRAD Radio Alert ‘Real Thing’ (WBEN AM, Buffalo, NY)
2 – Slim Gaillard Quartette: Atomic Cocktail
3 – Fay Simmons: You Hit Me Baby Like An Atomic Bomb
4 – The Kavaliers: Get That Communist, Joe
5 – The Buchanan Brothers: Atomic Power
6 – Groucho Marx: Civil Defense Spot: Excellent Chances
7 – Amos Milburn: Atomic Baby
8 – Doris Day: Tic, Tic, Tic
9 – The Five Stars: Atom Bomb Baby
10 – Carson Robison: I’m No Communist
11 – Civil Defense Spot: How Much Time Do We Have (Keep Working)
12 – The Talbot Brothers of Bermuda: Atomic Nightmare
13 – Skip Stanley: Satellite Baby
14 – Wanda Jackson: Fujiyama Mama
15 – Bill Haley and His Comets: Thirteen Women (And Only One Man
16 – Bob Hope: Civil Defense Spot: Pattern of Survival
17 – Hank Williams: No, No Joe
18 – Hawkshaw Hawkins: When They Found The Atomic Power
19 – Arthur ‘Big Boy’ Crudup: I’m Gonna Dig Myself A Hole
20 – Josephine Premice: Leave De Atom Alone
21 – Dennis James (Announcer); Leo Hoegh (Civil Defense Director)
22 – Billy Chambers: Fallout Shelter
23 – Sheldon Allman: Radioactive Mama
24 – Teresa Brewer: Satellite
25 – Walker Edmiston as Barky: I Dreamt I Saw Khrushchev (In A Pink Cadillac)
26 – Art Linkletter: Civil Defense Spot: Don’t Use the Phone!
27 – Al Rex: Hydrogen Bomb
28 – Jackie Doll and his Pickled Peppers: When They Drop The Atomic Bomb
29 – Sir Lancelot: Atomic Energy
30 – Homer Harris (with Muddy Waters): Atomic Bomb Blues
31 – Eddie Hill: I Changed My Mind
32 – Lowell Blanchard and the Valley Trio: Jesus Hits Like An Atom Bomb
33 – Floyd Tillman: This Cold War With You
34 – Civil Defense Spot: Take The Step (Grandma’s Pantry)

Disc 2 of 6:
1 – Civil Defense Spot: CONELRAD ‘Test Announcement’
2 – Dick ‘Two Ton’ Baker: Bert The Turtle (The Duck And Cover Song)
3 – Sheldon Allman: Crawl Out Through The Fallout
4 – Karl & Harty: When The Atom Bomb Fell
5 – Jim Eanes: They Locked God Outside The Iron Curtain
6 – Sammy Salvo: A Mushroom Cloud
7 – Tony Bennett: Civil Defense Spot: Nuclear Attack
8 – H-Bomb Ferguson: Rock H-Bomb Rock
9 – Roosevelt Sykes: Sputnik Baby
10 – Sonny Russell: Fifty Megatons
11 – Linda Hayes with the Red Callender Sextette: Atomic Baby
12 – Civil Defense Spot: Alert Today, Alive Tomorrow
13 – Ray Anderson: Stalin Kicked The Bucket
14 – Warren Smith: Uranium Rock
15 – The Louvin Brothers: Great Atomic Power
16 – Fred MacMurray: Civil Defense Spot: Family Fallout Shelter Booklet
17 – Tommy James: The Commies Are Coming
18 – Tom Lehrer: We’ll All Go Together When We Go
19 – The Cuff Links: Guided Missiles
20 – Ray Anderson and the Homefolks: Sputniks And Mutniks
21 – Civil Defense Spot: CONELRAD, Sounds Pretty Complicated
22 – The Goldwaters: Down In Havana
23 – Marty Robbins: Ain’t I Right
24 – The Commodores: Uranium
25 – Civil Defense Spot: Take the Step (Four Wheels To Survival)
26 – Jack Holden & Frances Kay: The Fiery Bear
27 – The Crown City Four: Watch World War Three (On Pay TV)
28 – Al Rogers and his Rocky Mountain Boys: The Hydrogen Bomb
29 – Elton Britt: The Red We Want Is The Red We Got
30 – Pat Boone: Civil Defense: Warning Signals
31 – Mike Fern, Mike (aka Mike Fernandez): A Bomb Bop
32 – Carl Mann: Satellite No. 2
33 – Mike & Bernie Winters: Fallout Shelter
34 – Hank King with Bud Williams and his Smiling Buddies: Your Atom Bomb Heart
35 – Civil Defense Spot: In Time Of Emergency (Not Contagious)

Disc 3 of 6:
1 – Civil Defense Spot: How much time do we have? (Disaster on a Big Scale)
2 – Dr. Strangelove and the Fallouts: Love That Bomb
3 – Glenn Barber: Atom Bomb
4 – Elton Britt: Uranium Fever
5 – Spencer and Spencer: Russian Bandstand
6 – Boris Karloff: Civil Defense Spot: Protect Your Home
7 – Swan’s Silvertone Singers: Jesus Is God’s Atomic Bomb
8 – The Pilgrim Travelers: Jesus Hits Like An Atom Bomb
9 – Sam Hinton: Old Man Atom
10 – The Sons Of The Pioneers: Old Man Atom
11 – Roy Acuff: Advice To Joe
12 – Civil Defense Spot: In Time of Emergency
13 – Dore Alpert: Fallout Shelter
14 – Fred Kirby: When That Hell Bomb Falls
15 – Hal Block with the Tony Borrello Orchestra: The Senator McCarthy Blues
16 – Ann-Margret: Thirteen Men
17 – Mitzi Gaynor: Civil Defense Spot: 640-1240
18 – The Buchanan Brothers: There’s A Power Greater Than Atomic
19 – Louisiana Red: Red’s Dream
20 – Little Caesar and the Red Callender Sextette: Atomic Love
21 – Arthur ‘Guitar Boogie’ Smith and his Crackerjacks: Mr. Stalin You’re Eating Too High Off The Hog
22 – Civil Defense Spot: Psychiatrist (Shelter Signs)
23 – The Spirit of Memphis Quartet: Atomic Telephone
24 – The Goons (Peter Sellers and Spike Milligan): A Russian Love Song
25 – Red McCoy with the Sons of the Soil: Rock And Roll Atom
26 – Red River Dave (Dave McEnery): Ballad Of Francis Powers

27 – Howard Duff: Civil Defense Spot: Remember, 640-1240
28 – Mike Russo: Agnes (The Teenage Russian Spy)
29 – Bo Diddley: Mr. Khrushchev
30 – Toni Fisher, and the Wayne Shanklin Orchestra: West Of The Wall
31 – Chris Cerf: (My) Fallout Filly (With The Atomic Kiss)
32 – Jay Chevalier: Khrushchev And The Devil
33 – Dexter Logan and Darrell Edwards: The Song Of The Atom Bomb
34 – Sammy Cahn & Paul Weston: Civil Defense March (Heads Up America)
35 – Civil Defense Spot: In Time of Emergency (Brilliant Nuclear Flash)

Disc 4 of 6:
1 – Civil Defense Spot: How Much Time Do We Have? (Fortress Main Street)
2 – Billy Hughes and his Rhythm Buckeroos: Atomic Sermon
3 – Buddy Hawk and his Buddies: Death Of Joe Stalin (Good Riddance)
4 – Golden Gate Quartet: Atom and Evil
5 – Tommy Duncan: Relax And Take It Easy
6 – Connie Francis: Civil Defense Spot: Be Prepared Today, for Survival Tomorrow
7 – Rudy Gaddis: Uranium Fever
8 – Dude Martin’s Round-Up Gang: Atom Bomb Baby
9 – Janet Greene: Poor Left-Winger
10 – Jimmie Driftwood: The Bear Flew Over The Ocean
11 – Civil Defense Spot: In Time Of Emergency (Basic Supplies)
12 – Dexter Gordon: Bikini
13 – Red River Dave (Dave McEnery): Trial Of Francis Powers
14 – Don Meehan: An Open Letter To Khrushchev
15 – Bradley Kincaid: Brush The Dust From That Old Bible
16 – Joni James: Civil Defense Spot: Every Living Thing
17 – Al Barkle with the Tri-Tones: Sputnik II
18 – The Buchanan Brothers: (You Got To Pray To The Lord) When You See Those Flying Saucers
19 – Loy Clingman: Uranium Blues
20 – The Louvin Brothers: Weapon Of Prayer
21 – Announcer: Don Pardo: Civil Defense Spot: Message from Mars (CONELRAD Jingle)
22 – George McKelvey: My Radiation Baby (My Teenage Fallout Queen)
23 – Unidentified: H-Bomb
24 – The Charades: Hammers And Sickles
25 – Jerry Engler and the Four Ekkos: Sputnik (Satellite Girl)
26 – Johnny Cash: Civil Defense Spot: Help Ourselves
27 – Harold Weakley: To Russia With Care
28 – Bobby Marchan and the Clowns: Rockin’ Behind The Iron Curtain
29 – Prescott Reed: Russia, Russia (Lay That Missile Down)
30 – Carl Perkins: Tennessee
31 – Ferlin ‘Terry Preston’ Husky: Let’s Keep The Communists Out
32 – Don Windle: The Iron Curtain Has Parted
33 – Bing Crosby & Ken Carpenter: Stars For Defense Outro

Disc 5 of 6:
1 – If the Bomb Falls
2 – The Complacent Americans

Disc 6 of 6:
1 – What Is Communism? 1963]
2 – Duck and Cover [1951]
3 – Our Cities Must Fight [1951]
4 – Warning Red [1956]
5 – Bombproof [1956]
6 – Target You [ca. 1953]
7 – Information Program Within Public Shelters [1963]
8 – Occupying A Public Shelter [1965]
9 – Town Of The Times [1963]