Early History and Development of the Diefenbunker, Canada’s Cold War Museum by Connie Higginson-Murray

Connie Higginson-Murray is one of the original founders of the Diefenbunker, Canada’s Cold War Museum and a long-time volunteer who has contributed very significantly to it’s creation, development and sustainability. She is a professional analyst and policy writer and has (in her retirement) researched and authored a detailed history of the formative years of the ‘bunker’s’ transition from a recently closed-down operational, nuclear war shelter for essential federal civil and military Continuity of Government officials to what is intended to be Canada’s most comprehensive and complete museum of the Cold War. But for her and the folks she mentions in this history the bunker would have been permanently closed and sealed with a plug of concrete!

This is quite a large (34 Mb) and illustrated document and I have decided for the moment to download it to the site’s library and then link to it. After clicking on the following link, please allow a minute or so for it to properly download and then open the document. THE DIEFENBUNKER, CANADA’S COLD WAR MUSEUM – THE ORIGIN STORY of The Making of CANADA’S COLD WAR MUSEUM (cover). While this is a very well researched and complete document, it remains open to revisions as new information becomes available. Any new updated versions will be posted this to this website as soon as is practical.