Civil Defence College Arnprior, Ontario

History of the Canadian Civil Defence College (CCDC)

Link to Oblique Black and White Air Photo of Civil Defence College, Arnprior, Ontario

Link to Public Safety Canada’s History of CCDC Arnprior’s History

The photo above is of Worthington Hall at the Civil Defence College in Arnprior ON. It is set up for a conference or a seminar probably sometime in the 1960s or early 1970s. That time frame is suggested by the ashtrays for smokers on the tables and the old EMO crest on the wall in the background. Alternatively a large scale map of the Ottawa area could be placed on the floor and an interactive demonstration exercise conducted for an audience of trainees seated on the surrounding platform illustrating how post nuclear attack re-entry / rescue operations would have been conducted. See below. That map is currently in the archives of the Carp Diefenbunker Cold War Museum, along with a sample of the icons that would have been used to illustrate features such as medical centres and traffic control posts.

Civil Defence Post Nuclear Attack Re-entry Rescue Operations Training at the Civil Defence College in Arnprior late 1950s/early 1960s

Link to the Civil Defence Museum Edmonton’s History of the Canadian Civil Defence College

One of a Number of Prefab Example Fallout Shelter Dug out of the Ground at the CEPC when it was closing in the Early 2000s